Investing in real estate — is it for you?

Investing in real estate is one of the oldest forms of investing.

Many investors already own their own homes or are paying off mortgages, so they have a sizeable portion of their overall net worth tied to a hard asset. But there are several other ways to invest in real estate including secondary properties, real estate income trusts and alternatives such as real estate limited partnerships. The key thing to remember is that no one asset type should take up more than 50% of an investor’s portfolio, but how you get to that level can be dramatically different from person to person.

You've just heard another story about someone making a fortune on a real estate investment. Should you get into the market?

  • Real estate investments are very popular today. Growth in real estate has been faster than the growth of many other investments.
  • Those who invest in real estate tend to have more control over their investments. One knows the quality of the building, the surrounding market and what the demand is. If one plans their acquisition properly, real estate can be a key part of ones overall investment portfolio and retirement planning strategy.
  • While investing in real estate can be financially rewarding, there are also downsides and we at Barclays Investment are here to help you make one of the most important decisions in your financial future.

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You already know that when it comes to investments, you have many options. You can walk with the bulls and bears on Wall Street, or you can invest in mutual funds. You can focus on retirement saving accounts, REITs and a whole alphabet of options. But when you look at real estate investing versus some of these other investment vehicles, you see that real estate investing offers you the best opportunity to create a diverse, secure, and financially profitable portfolio. Real estate is a finite resource – no one is making any more land - and the demand for this resource is always climbing. These two factors alone create the Financial Security you desire in your investment portfolio.

Let's begin with the end in mind, and start at the finish line. What are your dreams of financial freedom? What color and shape do they take? Do you see your Financial Freedom in a yacht on the high seas, or in a cabin on a snowy slope? Do you want to enjoy the freedom of "getting away from the world", or of the busy streets of New York, London, or Tokyo? For you, does Financial Freedom mean never having to worry about the monthly bills, or the knowledge that you have all the money you will ever need to secure the educational dreams of your children? You may be skeptical or uncertain that you can achieve your own dreams of Financial Freedom - the old "it will never happen to me" scenario. But it can happen to you.

Have you started to think about your retirement yet? We hope you have done more than think about it... we hope you have started to plan for it! Consider the type of retirement you wish to enjoy, from sitting on the beach with your laptop writing your novel, to working in your garden on your favorite plants, to just playing with the grandchildren; no matter what you want to do, you know that you must have the financial ability to secure it. No matter if you are 25 or 55, today is always a good day to plan for tomorrow (In fact, you can leverage age, and time, greatly to your advantage in real estate investing). What does your future look like, and how do you get there? From retirement, to a career change, to your children education, how many properties do you need to own to make your dreams a reality?

An interesting article appeared in the newspaper recently. It reported that the vast majority of people, when asked if they would quit their job if they won the lottery, actually said no, they would show up for work the next day. Like winning the lottery, one of the greatest benefits of real estate investing is the flexibility the investment creates for you—of time, money, and options! Changing jobs or changing careers can be scary. We appreciate that. And that is why we offer you the insights you need to transition your career to match your personal needs. Do you want to be a part-time investor? Remain focused on building your current career and work part time hours to invest in real estate. Do you want to partner with other like-minded investors and form a team that works tighter to build a portfolio? That's an option, too. Maybe you want to take a big leap. Maybe you dipped your toes into real estate investing and liked what you felt and saw. Perhaps you are ready for a complete change, where you take control of your life, where you are the "boss of your future."